About us

APSOFT is active since 1991

Apsoft SA is active since 1991 with the main scope to offer consulting to financial sector.
Over the years the company profile has evolved specializing in the development of products and technologies designed for the needs of our customers and in consulting activities.

Our consulting wing is geared towards providing you the specialized and best of the breed consultants who can visualize, complement, contribute and implement a chosen software solution.

SCRUM development process

APSOFT SA utilizes the SCRUM development process, an agile project management framework that emphasizes collaboration, adaptability, and iterative development. In SCRUM, projects are divided into short time periods called sprints, typically lasting two to four weeks. During each sprint, a cross-functional team works together to deliver a potentially shippable product increment. The team organizes the work in a backlog, which contains a prioritized list of user stories or tasks. Daily stand-up meetings are held to discuss progress, address challenges, and ensure transparency. SCRUM enables flexibility, continuous improvement, and regular feedback from customers, allowing teams to efficiently deliver high-quality software and effectively respond to evolving requirements.